As well as Live Streaming we also undertake podcast production for clients, either in audio or video format (or both) to suit your needs. We currently have two different series of our own, one is below the 'Does It Make A Difference' video series for small business owners to share local knowledge and awareness which could make a difference to their business. The other is an award winning audio series which has been running for 20 years, achieved over 15 Million downloads and is the longest running production of its type in the world - The Outdoors

Let's simplify and streamline your business podcast journey. Crafting a thriving business podcast demands a sturdy groundwork encompassing your long and short term goals, the overall structure and feel, and beyond. Professional production and editing are essential for a polished outcome, whether you're enhancing an existing show or embarking on a new venture.

From brainstorming the perfect name to amplifying your presence on social media, we offer comprehensive support. Whether you prefer hands-on assistance or guidance to manage the process independently, we've got you covered! Drop us an email and lets talk.
In this podcast episode, I interview Dr. Kate Mason, founder of Women and Wild Retreats, about the transformative impact of women's retreats on mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Mason and I discuss the stress and pressures women face, particularly in balancing work and family life, and the importance of self-care.

She highlights the variety of activities offered at her retreats, such as breathwork, mindset workshops, and fire walking, designed to empower participants and foster personal growth. The episode underscores the value of taking time to reset and reflect, and provides guidance on choosing the right retreat.
In this episode of "Does It Make a Difference," host Bob is joined by Naomi Wachner, founder of Calibre Virtual Assistant Services. They discuss the significant impact virtual assistants (VAs) have on businesses, particularly in scaling and revenue generation.

Naomi highlights the diverse services VAs offer, such as client-facing support, financial admin, and inbox management. She explains Calibre's integration process, emphasising the importance of matching VAs with clients through initial conversations and a two-week trial period. Naomi also details her strict selection criteria for VAs, which includes positivity, transparency, quality, formal qualifications, and experience.

The episode touches on the changing landscape of employment, where businesses downscale to focus on core functions and seek VAs for efficiency without the complexities of traditional employment. Naomi likens Calibre to Hotel Chocolat, a premium brand known for quality, to illustrate her company's high standards in the virtual assistant industry.
We dive into the world of podcasting with Colin Gray, founder of Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable insights: • Colin's Podcasting Journey: From the early pains to modern-day success. • Common Questions Answered: Overcoming imposter syndrome and getting comfortable with your voice. • Content Creation Tips: Focusing on storytelling and audience engagement. • Monetisation Strategies: How to make money from your podcast, even with a small audience. • Leveraging Social Media: Balancing content creation and audience interaction. Don't miss out on expert advice and practical tips to elevate your podcasting game.
Welcome to a deep dive into the world of social media with Shaquilla Street, the dynamic force behind Keeping Up With The Socials. In this exclusive interview, Shaquilla shares her insights and expertise on the pivotal question: Does social media truly make a difference?

 Discover Shaquilla's top tips and strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to elevate their social media exposure. From crafting compelling content to navigating various platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Shaquilla imparts invaluable advice drawn from her hands-on experience as a social media manager.

 Throughout the interview, Shaquilla delves into her arsenal of experience and techniques. She elucidates on the importance of tailor-made social media strategies, meticulously designed to align with each client's unique goals, ultimately driving sales and enhancing brand visibility.
In today's digital age, small business owners are navigating a vast sea of cyber threats, making cybersecurity a paramount concern. Join us in this insightful discussion with

Alice Violet, the esteemed producer of the Cyber Made Human podcast, as she sheds light on the indispensable importance of cybersecurity for small businesses. Alice Violet delves into various aspects of cybersecurity, debunking myths and misconceptions that often surround the topic. Rather than evoking fear, she empowers business owners to embrace awareness and proactive measures. Through her expertise, she emphasises that cybersecurity isn't merely a luxury but an essential investment in the longevity and success of any business, regardless of its size.

Hey there! Ever feel like your business is hitting a wall? Well, Esther Partridge-Warner, one of the brains behind Real World Consultancy, is here to shake things up. Based in Worcestershire, Esther's all about personalised coaching that gets real results. It's simple – Esther doesn't do prescriptive solutions. She's all about tailoring strategies and advice to fit your business like a glove. Business coaching can lead to increased profits, faster growth, and saying goodbye to those pesky doubts that hold you back. Esther's got your back, whether you're battling imposter syndrome or just feeling burnt out.

In today's fast-paced digital world, where algorithms and AI often craft superficial connections, the enduring question persists: Does the art of networking still hold its weight in fostering genuine business relationships? Join me for an enlightening discussion with Laura Bruzulier, affectionately known as The Networking Ninja, as we explore the timeless importance of networking in contemporary business landscapes. Together, we unravel the layers of effective networking, offering actionable insights to amplify your networking endeavours and reshape your perspective towards forging meaningful connections.

This is the first in a new series of video podcasts aimed at asking the question of local experts if their particular skill/service/talent makes a ‘real’ different to their clients. Although I am intending to keep this local to Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester I did start posting about this in an international Livestreaming forum and Kelvin from the Two Monkeys Agency in Perth Australia was one of many who replied. When I was working in Australia years ago the one thing that struck me most of all was their willingness to give things a try. If you could prove you could do a job, they hired you. It was that simple. So it is no surprise they have taken to streaming in a big way.

Benefits of Audio Podcasts

1) Convenience: Listen while doing other tasks like commuting or exercising, making it easy to fit into busy schedules.

2) Accessibility: Available on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere, catering to diverse audiences including those with visual impairments.

3) Engagement and Connection: Builds intimacy with hosts and guests, fostering a loyal community and trust among listeners.

4) Low cost barrier to entry. Compared to other forms of media production, such as video or written content, podcasting has a relatively low barrier to entry. With just a microphone, recording software, and an internet connection, virtually anyone can create and distribute their own podcast.

Ideal topics to consider

1) Foster Engagement: Topics that spark conversations and discussions among listeners, such as current events, personal development, or storytelling.

2) Demonstrate Expertise: Subjects where hosts or guests can share specialised knowledge or experiences, like technology, business, health, or education.

3) Entertain and Inspire: Content that entertains, inspires, or offers escapism, such as comedy, true crime, fiction, or interviews with celebrities and influencers.

4) Serve Niche Audiences: Topics that cater to specific interests or communities, ranging from hobbies like gaming, cooking, or sports to specialised fields like science, history, or psychology.

5) Educate and Inform: Podcasts that provide valuable insights, tips, or advice on relevant topics like finance, politics, self-help, or personal finance.

 Monologue v Interview format?

Monologue Format: Ideal for subjects where the host can share expertise, storytelling, or personal reflections. Offers a more focused and controlled narrative, allowing the host to convey their thoughts and ideas directly to the audience. Works well for topics where the host's personality and storytelling ability are key to engaging listeners.

Interview Format: Provides variety and diversity of perspectives by featuring guests with expertise or unique experiences. Allows for dynamic conversations and insights that may not emerge in a monologue. Appeals to audiences interested in hearing from different voices and learning from experts in the field.