As well as Live Streaming we also undertake podcast production for clients, either in audio or video format (or both) to suit your needs. We currently have two different series of our own, one is below the 'Does It Make A Difference' video series for small business owners to share local knowledge and awareness which could make a difference to their business. The other is an award winning audio series which has been running for 20 years, achieved over 15 Million downloads and is the longest running production of its type in the world - The Outdoors

Let's simplify and streamline your business podcast journey. Crafting a thriving business podcast demands a sturdy groundwork encompassing your long and short term goals, the overall structure and feel, and beyond. Professional production and editing are essential for a polished outcome, whether you're enhancing an existing show or embarking on a new venture.

From brainstorming the perfect name to amplifying your presence on social media, we offer comprehensive support. Whether you prefer hands-on assistance or guidance to manage the process independently, we've got you covered! Drop us an email and lets talk.

Benefits of Audio Podcasts

1) Convenience: Listen while doing other tasks like commuting or exercising, making it easy to fit into busy schedules.

2) Accessibility: Available on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere, catering to diverse audiences including those with visual impairments.

3) Engagement and Connection: Builds intimacy with hosts and guests, fostering a loyal community and trust among listeners.

4) Low cost barrier to entry. Compared to other forms of media production, such as video or written content, podcasting has a relatively low barrier to entry. With just a microphone, recording software, and an internet connection, virtually anyone can create and distribute their own podcast.

Ideal topics to consider

1) Foster Engagement: Topics that spark conversations and discussions among listeners, such as current events, personal development, or storytelling.

2) Demonstrate Expertise: Subjects where hosts or guests can share specialised knowledge or experiences, like technology, business, health, or education.

3) Entertain and Inspire: Content that entertains, inspires, or offers escapism, such as comedy, true crime, fiction, or interviews with celebrities and influencers.

4) Serve Niche Audiences: Topics that cater to specific interests or communities, ranging from hobbies like gaming, cooking, or sports to specialised fields like science, history, or psychology.

5) Educate and Inform: Podcasts that provide valuable insights, tips, or advice on relevant topics like finance, politics, self-help, or personal finance.

 Monologue v Interview format?

Monologue Format: Ideal for subjects where the host can share expertise, storytelling, or personal reflections. Offers a more focused and controlled narrative, allowing the host to convey their thoughts and ideas directly to the audience. Works well for topics where the host's personality and storytelling ability are key to engaging listeners.

Interview Format: Provides variety and diversity of perspectives by featuring guests with expertise or unique experiences. Allows for dynamic conversations and insights that may not emerge in a monologue. Appeals to audiences interested in hearing from different voices and learning from experts in the field.