The studio has a presentation area of 4m x 10m with superfast broadband, an overhead lighting rig, white walls, blackout blinds, casual seating, display counter and various furniture on wheels to allow for maximum flexibility.

Outside there is a large grassed area and an orchard with vehicle access for portable displays. Audio facility includes radio mics, handheld and a 16 channel mixing desk. There are various large and small screen monitors available. There’s easy access to bring in items for demonstration and a separate room which can be used as overflow.

Site visit recommended to discuss options.


Superfast broadband bandwidth is currently 100megs download and 75 megs upload. External wi-fi is 27megs down and up

We have been producing audio, video and digital media for over 25 years, recording, podcasting and live streaming. We endeavour to keep the operating simple with a small footprint.

Depending on which service you use we are able to bring comments from viewers from YouTube, Twitter and Chat Rooms to allow immediate feedback or questions from your audience.

Digital Delivery

We can deliver to any CDN (Content delivery network) you wish. These include your 'free service's such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Or private 'ticket only' destinations.


I am able to provide a small footprint, low impact mobile studio, with 4 cameras, audio mixing desk, radio microphones and portable lighting to build a mini studio at your trade gathering, conference, head office, concert hall or sporting event which can be used for interviews, performances, creative arts or promotional purposes. 

The space this requires is normally one desk with access to power and a direct link to your router. Additional remote inputs (cameras/computers) are feasible subject to technical support.

Site visit and technical dry run required.


There are two ways of sending the signal to the internet (1) using the in-house broadband, which requires to be at least 10meg upload or (2) a mobile bonding service which uses several 4G Sims and local wi-fi (small cost).

Either connection will require a site visit and technical dry run to ensure success.


To keep everything cost effective most events can be managed with a solo operator. More assistance can be hired at cost, however most clients have assistants willing to help.


This is limited to your connection and the CDN you wish to use. In most cases we are still able to bring in comments from viewers. A site visit will confirm limitations if any.

Digital Delivery

With any mobile solution which relies on external connection it is out of hour hands if the digital service is not available, the mobile network suffers issues or any other technical situation. These issues are in the hands of your local technical support.

We cannot be held responsible for external failures.