Audio Podcast Starter Package 

Host you own show. Build your brand and become an authority.

Use of our studio facilities for a few hours allowing for preparation, scripting, basic interview/presentation, practising your microphone technique, engineering and recording your podcast (max 1 hour). 

Working with you to design a thumbnail which reflects the content, offer advice on where and how to post your Podcast.

Advice on RSS feeds and delivery networks.

You will leave with at least one fully edited Podcast.

Starting at £100+ 

All prices exclude VAT

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Audio Podcast Advanced Package

As per 'starter' allowing more time for planning, scripting, content design, rehearsals, interview techniques, etc.

Supply of additional media, images for thumbnails, sound effects, music and the reasons when to use and not use them.

Licensing of additional media, voice overs and costs involved.

Recording your podcast content (max 2 hours)

Planning and long term structure for podcast content, marketing and social media options.

Post recording editing and delivery of a series of podcasts.

Starting at  £250+

All prices exclude VAT

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Fully Managed Podcast Podcast

Managing production, content, recording, packaging and marketing of your podcast can take much more time than you might think.

If you would like to concentrate on your content and leave everything else to us, we can manage the entire structure for you.

For a podcast to be a success and for you to build your brand to become a market authority, it is better to let us concentrate on audio perfection and all the technicalities. 

We are here to help you shine and support you to achieve your goals.

Objective a podcast series, brand building and long term awareness campaign.

Fee: By negotiation

All prices exclude VAT

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Mobile Hybrid Starter Package

Provision of solo operator with camera person and mobile broadcast unit. This will transmit the content back to a central studio where additional graphics and music will be added accordingly.

The signal is then distributed on up to 8 social media networks as required.

This would be ideal for a conference, trade show or similar event where a small footprint low profile coverage is preferred.

Recording of complete stream included.

Distribution can be via public or private CDN.

Starting at £500+

All prices exclude VAT

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Mobile Hybrid Advanced Package

Provision of a complete mobile studio at your location, with up to 4 cameras, switching desk, streaming equipment, radio mics, audio mixer and any ancillary equipment located at your premises with access to hard wired router and using host network to deliver content to public or private CDN.

This would be ideal for a performance, theatre, conference, trade show or similar event.The package also includes the preparation of graphics, audio, slideshows and corporate identity. 

Incorporating viewer interaction with options to output to local large screens. 

Recording of complete stream included.

Optional extra mobile broadcast unit if hard wired connection is not available

Starting £1500+

All prices exclude VAT

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Mobile Hybrid Ticket Only

Incorporating a variety of 'starter' and 'advanced' features to produce a show with the primary function to deliver content as a fund raiser.

The 'ticket' booking, purchase and transaction system is all handled independently and this is absorbed with the production costs.

Content is delivered on a private network and available on all smart portable devices and smart TV to ensure copyright security. Private CDN.

Recording of complete stream included.

Starting £1500+ or share of ticket price combination

All prices exclude VAT

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