why hybrid is the best of both worlds

Thanks to lockdown, live streaming came of age and now, where people used to be hesitant to engage with their screen of choice, now it has become the fastest way to consume and share information. Hence the explosion of TikTok, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and so on.

Our decades of media experience for commercial and broadcast world allow us to bring our production prowess to your event. This adds a true broadcast quality experience for your viewers and attendees.

Adding a virtual element to in person events not only allows for greater participation by people who can’t attend, but also offers digital marketing perks, pre-sales, post sales and digital links to training media.

Our job is to deliver an engaging low profile live-streaming event that draws people in wherever they may be. Pair that with the recorded video content which takes place during your event, will both create packages for future sales as well as a library of media for on going promotional content. 

A small team will take charge of your high-quality video production to ensure a smooth live event, no matter the streaming platform. The goal is customer satisfaction, and we’ll stop at nothing to impress your digital audience.

At Three Counties Live our mission is to apply our skills, equipment, and talents to stream any project you present to us. We want each of our clients to see and experience the professional results of virtual video production.

We want your business to succeed in its endeavours. No matter what you are looking to stream, our team will ensure that we are intentional and attentive to you and your wants, needs, and goals. Let us help you go virtual, and take the strain away of all the technical, logistical and practical elements which may have put you off sharing your story to a world wide audience.

If you are in or near Malvern, do call to arrange a visit and demonstration at our purpose built studios where we can discuss your ideas and plans and see if we can bring them alive. We won't make promises we can't keep and will advise you as best we if we are the team for you.

Benefits of Live Streaming for Your Business

Here’s what live-streaming your events can do:

Reach a wider audience. A virtual event spans beyond geography, allowing you to reach an audience far beyond the city limits.

Market your business. Video live streaming provides the perfect opportunity to sell your craft, increase brand awareness, connect with new people, and generate customer leads.

Make advance sales. Virtual tickets not only for the event, but products/services prior to and after the date.

Keep in touch with followers. A live stream on social media platforms can alert those interested in your brand whenever you broadcast an event.

Provide authentic engagement opportunities. Live streaming offers a real time connection with participants.

Generate revenue. While you could charge entry fees for your live stream, free events also provide profit opportunities to promote services or products during the broadcast.

Make after sales. Once recorded, the content can be sold on a 'Pay per View' basis or spliced into numerous promotional features.

What Events Are Good for Hybrid Live Streaming?

Once you have committed finances to create a 'live' event the natural fears include ticket sales and the numbers who will attend. Is the venue too big or too small? Will the weather effect attendees? What about other unplanned interruptions such as train strikes or traffic delays? Once you have invested in the the location and contracts exchanged you naturally want to get the most from your investment. A Hybrid Live Stream does just that. Just by having access to a small area and connection, your audience could increase ten fold or more and your costs haven't changed.

We endeavour to keep our production footprint small, but all the key features high. We are your partner and when you want to tell the world or a select audience your news we are here for you, including:


Trade shows
Funds raiser
Charity events

Corporate events

Seminars or webinars

Graduation ceremonies

Concerts and performances

These are just a few of the typical events we cover, but we customise our services per client needs. We can build a small 'chat show' style studio in the corner of your exhibition, or make it purpose built in our studio and interview key players with a message to share.

 Pure Live-Streamed and a Hybrid Event compared?

As the name suggests, a 'pure' live-streaming event is a live video showcasing your occasion. It tends to be without a 'live' audience and it lets viewers attend the event from afar as you broadcast in real time. Also, our video production company can record the live stream and produce a professional and impactful event video for audiences to rewatch later.

On the other hand, a hybrid event combines in-person attendance and online live streaming. It’s beneficial if you’re already hosting an event that some people can attend in person, and if others can’t make it they can join the live video. Don't forget Hybrid events also allow you to engage guest speakers remotely while you host a live event.

Whatever format you choose for your event, Three Counties Live offers options to accommodate any occasion. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here to help.