Three Counties Live (3CL) is a small footprint service with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact where possible.

The Studio at Three Counties Live offers 20sqm of flexible space which is ideal for solo presentation, one to one interviews plus exterior space for outdoor use.

All furniture is on wheels for ease of operations, there’s an overhead lighting rig with controller and the room is virtually sound proof.

Super-fast broadband allows content to be brought into production from remote sources, such as interviewees or remote cameras from anywhere in the world.

The studio can ingest 4+ cameras, powerpoint, most presentation software, websites, audio, video, graphics and remote content.

The final production can be output on line through any CDN (Content Delivery Network) either the free services of YouTube and Facebook etc, or via private secure payment gateway.

Most of these features are also available on our mobile studio, a small footprint production suite which can be hosted at a venue.

Charity or Creative Event
Raising funds can take many forms from ‘seeking donations’ to ‘requesting payment’ in return for a unique performance or production. There's no need to be limited on what can be included within the 'offering'. It doesn't just have to be 'the show'. Why not include some behind the scenes chats with celebrities or featured personnel. Giving people access to normally unseen areas can give your live stream much more intimacy and character, which in turn adds more audience desire to be involved with the project.
Product Launch or Commercial Event
Your business may have a product launch and wish to stream this live using social media from your premises, from a large venue, or at the 3CL studio. You may wish to have audience interaction, where buying questions, or further feedback can be handled immediately by your team. You may wish to see comments coming in live and your presenter react to the questions in real time. You may wish to incorporate competitions, giveaways or other lead magnets within the presentation. A recording is available after for your own use.
Awards Ceremony or Virtual Event
A virtual black tie event to keep costs down. Based in one small location at your premises or at the 3CL studio, your host can read nominations, play video clips and interact with the winners live on screen when they dial into the studio to receive their prize. Using animations, graphics, music and lighting the whole event can become a glitzy affair all within a very small space. Once again distributed via social media for maximum impact and effect. A recording is available after for your own use.
Hybrid Event or Fund Raiser
You may be presenting a play, theatre, sports or music event and wish to sell tickets, which can be used by ‘real’ attendees, or ‘virtual’ attendees. Maybe with a further revenue stream paid option for Video On Demand (VOD) afterwards. Ideal for the creative arts. We can handle the entire ticket and secure streaming function in one go. The portable studio can be located to one side and stream this to your paying audience, once again getting feedback comments and interaction from them to enhance the emotion at the event. A recording is available after for your own use.
Public Meeting or Trade Show
Social media demands to be fed at all times and continual creation of content for all the platforms can be exhausting. If you are creating an open public event and would like to feed all the platforms with a series of interviews, talks, demonstrations, ‘whats on’ or ‘coming this weekend’, then having a small portable studio located on site will be able to capture atmosphere, content and build interaction with the general public. All you have to do is direct viewers to the link and they can explore the scenes remotely, absorb information and more importantly ask questions.