AI, ChatGPT and Intellectual Property Rights – Live Stream

These are troubling times and Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips. We have now become a nation of people who have to prove we are human when we interact with a machine!

More importantly if you are one of those who uses AI or ChatGPT as a tool, do you own the creation or does the AI software you've used?

In the hope to understanding the complications of all this Worcester Libraries BIPC created an event at The Hive to help clarify some of the mysteries surrounding AI, ChatGPT and Intellectual Property specifically for the small business user, who may not consider the impact it could have on their original ideas and creations.

I took my mini Live Streaming studio with me to The Hive and broadcast the talk by Dr Ian Lambert, Patent Attorney and Director at Wynne-Jones IP as he dove into the fascinating world of Intellectual Property (IP) and its impact on content created with AI and Chat GPT.

It took me a very quick hour to set up with two cameras, microphones, graphics, titles and a powerpoint presentation with a view to stream on time. However although the Hive has an external visual presence wrapped in metal it doesn't do anything for my remote signal bonding transmitter, reducing the powerful signal to a tiny trickle. Using the internal internet was out of the question, however with the wind in my favour we were able to get a stable connection and the talk began.

This included;
• What is AI?
• What is ChatGPT?
• AI, ChatGPT and intellectual property:
• Who owns the work?
• Can AI be a creator?
• Infringements – risk and enforcement.

The enclosed stream was just over an hour and the wide ranging questions from the audience challenged Dr Lambert more than once. However the evening and the stream proved to be a great success.

Kathryn Gillham - Services Development Co-ordinator was pleased with the way it all went "Three Counties Live were very professional and did a great job live streaming our BIPC Worcestershire Libraries event on AI, ChatGPT and Intellectual Property. This meant that we could reach a larger audience on the event night and use the recording to further increase our engagement."

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