Broadcasting from the NEC

The National Running Show created by Raccoon Events has grown every year to the point of bursting the seams at the NEC. It starts calmly enough in the early morning, with the exhibitors and press wandering in an hour before doors open, all carrying their habitual cups of coffee and rubbing the sleep from their eyes.


However by midday the energy in the room is at the max and it is rammed in every corridor as running enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes, seeking to hear their heros talk or cruise the many aisles seeking out new kit or a bargain or two.


In between the interviews I had to make my way through the crowds, so I grabbed pictures as I went which were automatically uploaded to the studio so they could run a rotating slideshow while I set up the camera. These were longer periods of time than I would have liked, and with a little more budget we would normally have a second crew so we could ping-pong between them for a complete coverage.

It was a great success technically and proved that you don't have to have a large number of people with the most expensive broadcast equipment to achieve this kind of coverage. All I need is good SIM coverage and wifi and you can create an informative broadcast production from virtually anywhere.

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